Sunday, November 04, 2012

Another Half Marathon

My chip time for the half marathon race was a bit faster as in 2:27:22. I was pleased that it was 7 minutes faster than last year and that I felt good for the whole race for a difference. Thanks to my running friend Moira for all the long run practices and for being with me for the race today! Thanks to Coach Ron and the Road Rebel group for the faster week day runs and coaching.

I was 1742 out of 1942 who finished the race; 794 out of 831 men who finished; 11/15 men in the 65 - 69 age group.


Pablo said...

Excellent and inspiring achievement! I'm intending to do at least one half marathon in 2013. (Funny, that was when I originally thought I might be able to run a complete 5K.)

I ran my best 5K yesterday. 35 minutes, which is probably pathetic by most standards, but it's 12 minutes faster than the first one I ran in late July. I like the progress.

My daughter and SIL were to have run the NY Marathon last weekend. Instead their team volunteered to do clean up work on Staten Island.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Good for the clean up team!

I started running 10k distances back when I was 43 and then went onto longer distances. I did not start 5k races until I was 60 and coming back from a lay off due to injury. Interestingly, I had my best time 29:49 when I was 68. Crazy that I had my best time that late but so it goes. One never knows what might happen in life.