Wednesday, April 07, 2010

March Mystery Less Mysterious in April

March Mystery Less Mysterious in April
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Some people should recognize this by now.
It's growing about 100 metres from our home near our east pond.


c said...

Tamarack! (Larix laricina)

You're so lucky to have one of these growin on your property! :)

Ontario Wanderer said...

Over the years, many of the Larix laricina that I thought I had found turned out to be Larix decidua. This one is young so it's not had any cones yet but I suspect it may be dicidua as laricina are farly rare in our immediate area. We have a decidua in our front lawn about 150 metres from the younger tree. On the other hand there are laricina on the Grand River a few kilometres from our property so it might be possible but . . .