Wednesday, June 24, 2009

If the Bench Were Green . . .

If the Bench Were Green . . .
Originally uploaded by Ontario Wanderer

. . . it would have been perfectly hidden.
If anyone know the name of this moth, please let me know.
I have lots of keys to sort out wild flowers but I don't know any good ways to sort out butterflies and moths. I just look for photos that seem to match and then read descriptions. It is a very slow and ineffective way to look.


Unknown said...

What a beautiful moth! It looks like it might be a Green Leuconycta - Leuconycta diphteroides.

Check out this:


Marnie said...

Oh! I found one just like that earlier this year.


Thank you Mary for what seems to be the correct I.D. I too find it very difficult to identify moths and butterflies.