Thursday, July 26, 2007


Mandala, originally uploaded by Ontario Wanderer.

The Mandala is coming into being, more and more everyday. As I look back at Tuesday's photo, I see that there is lot more to the mandala than meets the eye. As wonderful as the mandala is to look at, some patterns of sand, under the top level, are completely hidden.


Rurality said...

If you get the chance, definitely go to the dismantling ceremony! We did and that was the best part.

Anonymous said...

Those people are amazing. Not only is their work beautiful but their patience to do it is astounding. Plus, they have great tolerance for children who damage the mandala. Just a few months ago, they did one in a Post Office. After they had left for the day, a lady came in with her little girl. While she was taking care of her postal business, the little girl walked under the velvet rope and walked through the sand. The monks' response was they would just redo the work. There was no anger toward the child or the child's mother.

Linda said...

Unbelievably beautiful

Ontario Wanderer said...

Hi Karen, My partner made it to the dismantling cermony and took lots of photos so I saw it second hand. I think that was the best way for me. We do have a small bag of sand as well as our photos for memories.

Anonymous, I hear of at least two kid destructions. I think maintaining a cool head would be even harder than doing the art work but it probably helps to be part of making and destroying every week.

Linda, The photos do not do it justice.