Friday, August 25, 2006


There will be, at the Royal Botanical Gardens of Hamilton/Burlington, Ontario, Canada a sculptural exhibit from Septermber 1 to 30.

Three, of over one hundred, sculptors from Zimbabwe will accompany the exhibit and demonstrate their sculpting skills with special stone also brought over from Zimbabwe.

The sculptures are scattered about the Royal Botanical Gardens rose garden area making an already beautiful place even more magnificent. I intend to put up photos here and on my Flickr site during the month of September. Here the photos will come and go in groups of three. At Flickr, I shall attempt to put up one photo, in a larger format, every day. If you are local, please do come and look at the real thing. If you are from far away, just enjoy the photos and realize that the real items are even more beautiful. Some of the works brought tears to my eyes with their beauty!

Thank you to the staff at the Royal Botanical Gardens for getting this exhibit, which will be the only one in North America.


Anonymous said...

Dean, the photos are a tempting appetizer...Can't wait to see the works in situ.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Hi Arlene,
I am sure you will enjoy them. Wait until after September 1 so they will all be installed.