Friday, August 11, 2006

Circle Maze Garden Revisited

I've been having difficulty getting this post up on the blog. Yesterday, and early this morning, I could not access the photos on my computer network. Then, when I finally got the problem sorted out, I put the blog on Whorled Leaves. It still makes sense there as we have been reading the "Geography of Childhood," which is about the importance of getting our children introduced to nature. Meanwhile, I did want this post here as I have posted information about our Garden Maze project at least two or three times on this blog. I hope it works this time!

Our Garden Circle Maze helpers visited last weekend to see the garden and us. They could hardly believe how big the plants were.

It is like a northern jungle out there.


Lurch Adams said...


Anonymous said...

Out here in the Midwest we have those gigantic corn mazes. It's getting to be the season for them again.

Endment said...

Looks like fun

Ontario Wanderer said...

Lurch, What is the "gonzo" reference about?

Pablo, We have some corn mazes in our area too but I've never visited one.

Endment, The children enjoyed it almost as much as the adults.