Sunday, March 12, 2006


Getting ready for a major art course as well as the art show for the last course. Blogs may slow to a trickle and then stop for a while.

Meanwhile, we frightened up the first American Woodcock of the season on Friday and on Saturday I heard the first Killdeers of the season and, I think, heard some Tundra Swans high overhead. I am not positive about the swans as I never did find them with my binoculars but I was 95 percent sure of the sounds.

Snowdrops are coming up in my flower garden and tulips are poking up in various places. I doubt that the snow is gone for good but it sure is great to see a bit of green here and there.


Endment said...

o-o-o-o I do want to see the woodcock! We have a few buds on some trees but no other signs of spring yet (other than the lack of snow on the ground)

We will miss you when you don't post

Pam in Tucson said...

I, too, will miss your posts. All the best with the new art course. Will this one be on a different medium or genre? Looking forward to hearing more about the art show after it opens.

Ontario Wanderer said...

E, Someplace in my slide files, I have a woodcock photo. I took it before I knew what it was. Here on our property we have lots of woodcock doing their spring mating flights every spring. I think it's a bit too early for that yet.

PT, I have lots of choices for the art and have not decided what to work with yet. I look forward to having some interesting things to share when it's over to make up for the empty spots while it's going on.