Friday, October 07, 2005

Autumn Will Come

In spite of record breaking high temperatures here in southern Ontario, the leaves are turning colour as usual and some are dropping off already. Our Black Walnut (aka American Walnut, Noyer noir, Juglans nigra) trees are shedding leaflets and leaves quickly and the White Walnuts (aka Butternut, Noyer cendré, Juglans cinerea) is all but bare.

The Gray Dogwood (aka Red-panicle Dogwood, Cornouiller à grappes, Cornus racemosa) leaves have turned a deep, red-violet while the panicles are bright red setting off the white berries.

I tried taking a photo of some of our Morning Glories this morning. I thought the Maple trees in the background would set them off. My initial try demonstrated my need for a tripod for a clear photo. Then I looked at the photo again and decided it had artistic merit. Here it is:

Here is a second try with a tripod. I think it too has some merit. I look forward to getting more autumn colour shots in the next few weeks.


Rexroth's Daughter said...

Great colors. Those morning glories do look glorious next to the maples.

KFarmer said...

ohhh how pretty! All three!

pablo said...

Nicely done! The only way I could possibly produce an image like that would be by accident. I couldn't even conceive it, much less know how to go about achieving it.

Ontario Wanderer said...

RD, Both Églantine and I have tried, other years, to grow Morning Glories but not been successful. This year we planted them to be a "roof" on a Sunflower house for several small children. The children helped plant everything. Perhaps that is why the flowers were so successful. They have been glorious for quite some time now and the Maples in the background make a nice complementary colour to bounce off the Morning Glory blue.

K, Thank you!

P, It was a bit of an accident. I was trying to get both colours in the lens at the same time so that part was planned. Many of my better art pieces have a bit of "accident" in them. One just has to learn to accept and exploit happenings. Don't sell yourself short. I don't think those turtles you had on your blog the other day just happened to die while having a circle meeting.