Sunday, January 19, 2020

Sit Spot - January 19, 2020

January 19, 2020 9:03 a.m. 
Sit 558 : Brush Pile W : Cloudy 
-4° (-12°) W 31-43 kph 87% humidity 

(Jet, traffic noise, Train)
(Delta Airlines flight  1128...)
Black-capped Chickadees
Chirps like Robin - not seen

Grey Squirrel,
Black Squirrel,
White-breasted Nuthatch,
Blue Jays,
Mourning Doves,
Red Squirrel,
Red-bellied Woodpecker,

2 White-tailed Deer 

Regular Photo Site 2 - Willow

End of Ducks . . .

            All seemed normal in the barn yesterday morning at feeding time but it seemed too quiet when I arrived in the evening. When I got to the duck's pen I found out why. Our two ducks were lying dead by their water dish. Almost no evidence of why or how at first, but when I moved them, one had its head completely gone, beak and all, and the other had its neck badly mangled. There were only a few down feathers on the ground and no real sign of a struggle. Given the tracks that I found in the snow outside the barn this morning, I suspect a weasel. There was no evidence of any animal going over the gate in the barn and only a tiny bit of food from the morning feeding was gone so it must have happened soon after I left the barn in the morning.

Photo from 2017

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Sit Spot - January 18, 2020

January 18, 2020 4:22 p.m.
Sit 557: Brush Pile E : Snowing
-3° (-6°) e 7-11 kph  100% humidity 

(Jet, traffic noise)
(Snowplow back up warnings)
(Delta Airlines flight 1202...)
Snow crystals falling 
Again, no bird sounds

5:30 a.m. no snow
7:30 a.m. fine snow flakes with wind

Sit Spot time: about 15 cm of snow on ground

East Pond Photo Site #1

Did a 12.5 k run this morning in the snow so the sit spot was in the afternoon today.

A photo shot of a photo shot 
from yesterday at the RBG.

Friday, January 17, 2020

January 17, 2020 - At the Royal Botanical Gardens Today

In the breezeway 
on the way to the 
Mediterranean Garden . . .

Sit Spot - January 16, 2020

January 16, 2020 4:39 p.m.
Sit 556 : Brush Pile W : Mostly Sunny 
-2° (-8°) nw 24-39 kph 68% humidity 

(Jet, traffic noise)
(Republic Airlines Flight 6116...)
Dogs barking in distance 
Very quiet today - not one bird at sit spot area

Extras :
Black Squirrel,
Grey Squirrel 
5:30 a.m. no snow
7:30 a.m. light ground cover of snow
12 noon all snow melted and gone

            I chose a new spot for regular photos as of a couple of days ago. This is it; #4. Looking east from the west end of our property along one of the trails.

           A hollow tree with the sun shining through it caught my eye on the walk today...