Sunday, August 24, 2014

Another Step

I know it's been 10 years since my camp stove has been burning. It may even have been 15 or more as I used a one- burner for several solo trips. Anyhow, after some cleaning, oiling, and pressure blowing of spider webs and rust the old stove is going again.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Getting Into Details

        Spent most of the afternoon redoing some details of the walk. I now have the costs of the accommodations listed and details about the B & B's and camping areas so we know when we are having breakfasts provided, not often, and when we will have access to wi-fi, most but not all places. I also noted when we have use of kitchens and information about lean-tos. 

        Following is the Vermont State Park information about lean-to camping:
        "If you've never stayed in a lean-to you don't know what you're missing! Lean-to's are awesome - they shelter you from wind and rain, keep your gear dry and kids love to use them as a stage!
Like other sites, each lean-to site has a fire ring or fireplace with grill for cooking and a picnic table.
        Lean-to's are 13'4" wide and 9'3" deep. The front opening is 7.5" high and the lowest height at the back of the lean-to is 4'3".
        There are several ways to handle tent placement on a lean-to site. One way is not to use a tent at all and just set up your sleeping pads and bag inside the lean-to. Some use mosquito netting in the lean-to's to keep out the bugs. Some folks put their tents right inside the lean-to's - keeps 'em dry and also keeps out the bugs."

        The next step I want to work on is having more detailed maps and directions set up like the old Automobile Associations Trip-tiks. So far I have two days. Below is a blurry version of day 2. (I don't want to give away details here until they happen.)

        I have also replaced the old ground sheet for the tent and bought some camp fuel for the stove. Tomorrow I will clean up the stove and see if it still works or if I have to buy some replacement parts. Time is moving quickly towards the trip.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Accommodations Found

        Well, after hours and hours of looking on the internet via AIRBNB, Google Earth, Google Maps and Google searches, I have places for us to stay every night of our journey. We are about half time in State Parks and half time in B&B's. Some of the "Bed and Breakfast" locations include breakfast and some do not. Those that do not at least have cooking facilities so we can do our own. All of the State Parks have "Lean-to" camp sites which I chose so we will have dry places to stay even if it rains unless, by bad luck, there is a strong wind from the direction of the open part of the lean-to.

        Next steps include checking out all of our camping equipment. Some of it has not been used for a few years so . . . .

        My old tent seems to be in good condition. It just needs to air out a bit before we use it. Looks good in the yard for now.

        Given that it may be a bit cool by the end of September, I purchased a new cool weather sleeping bag for  Fleur-Ange. According to the papers that came with it, she should be good to well below the freezing point. Am I foolish to expect no snow before the end of September?


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Looking For Places to Sleep

        Spent several hours looking for B & B's that were in my price range. Who knew that a bed could be worth more than $500 a night? Will keep looking.