Monday, April 18, 2016

A Few April Photos

Tamarack flowers

Last Years Tall Grasses on the Fence Line

Sunday, April 03, 2016

New Trail

            OK, not too keen on this April snow. The weather stations are predicting 10 to 15 more cm later today. Hope they are wrong.  They missed the amount that they predicted yesterday. We got a lot less.

            Anyway, the snow gives a new look to the new trail I am in the process of constructing. For several years I have been thinking about putting a trail on the south side of the little stream that runs along the north side of Fleur-Ange's p property to give access to the area. I had a trail on the other side of the stream but the one bridge fell apart and I never did get the second bridge put in so the ravine has been off bounds for a year or so except for rough bush walking. I hope I can finish this south side trail and keep it open this coming summer. So far I have cut through the raspberry canes, and small trees and trimmed up the larger trees to make a path and then dug into the side of the hill to make the path a bit more level. There is still more digging to do and I want to do another 30 metres at the west end of the ravine to get to that end of the property.

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Variable Weather

            The variable weather  continues. I would call it strange but after what we went through during the  winter strange seems almost normal now. Ups and downs of temperatures have, apparently, been good for maple syrup however. I heard on the CBC yesterday that this is the best maple sap collecting season for years and that there is a surplus of sap to the point that the evaporators cannot keep up and some farmers are even selling the uncondenced sap as a spring drink.

            Oh yes, the snow this April 2nd morning . . .

            Two weeks ago, on my Friday flower walk I found a Round-leaved Hepatica in bloom. Sharp-leaved Hepatica are supposed to be earlier but, on the face of it, it appears that the hepaticas have not been reading the literature. 


            This week, in spite of the cold weather and ice storm that happened last week, I anticipated seeing lots of hepatica on my walk but was disappointed. There were merely about a half dozen hepatica in bloom but at least a few of them were Sharp-leaved!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Interesting Morning

            The day started in fog but through the fog I observed two White-tailed Deer in our east meadow. Then, on the morning dog walk, I heard the first Eastern Towhees of the season. A few minutes later I saw three wild Tom Turkeys just off the trail. I was sorry to not get any photos of what I observed but still enjoy the memory. Sometimes the memories are more vivid than photos.

            From yesterday I have a couple more ice storm photos. Today, all the ice is gone from the trees but some trees still have a ring of ice around their bases from what fell off yesterday.

Iced Staghorn Sumac

Looking southwest from our west meadow.

            Re the Eastern Towhee, I found that Lang Elliott had posted excellent photos with sounds on his YouTube channel.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Not So Springy Today

            Spring comes and goes lately. The winter weather was crazy with high and low temperature records being set within a few days during February and now, after spring flowers are already blooming, we have an ice storm.  Our east porch was iced all the way to the door this morning and when I got to the barn, I could not get in. The "sliding" bolt was not sliding due to being covered in ice. I had to return to the house and get a vice grips to pry open the door. During our usual walk, the dog and I kept running into icy branches across our path. Some were snapped off of nearby trees and others were still hanging on but right in our faces. Also the east pond was overflowing onto our usual path. All in all, not a good day to be out for a walk. (Did I mention that it was still raining and still freezing?)