Saturday, August 05, 2006

New Software

I bought some new software this past week and have been reading, reading, and reading about all the wonderful things it can do when I figure out how to do it. It's Corel Painter. It can simulate many different art media.

I had a less expensive version that came with a tablet that has a special pencil as well as a wireless mouse but somehow I did not ever do much with the software, as it seemed to be just a tease without the capability that I wanted. Now that I have the new software, I look forward to learning how to draw and paint on screen. Below is my first effort. It is the head-on version of the Scarlet Pimpernel that I posted yesterday. For this work I started with a grass photo, added a layer of colour, then did the drawing with "pencil," filled in colour with "watercolour" and then finished with a bit of gouache.

I realize I have a way to go before I am really pleased with final results but I was pleased enough with this first effort to share it.

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Rurality said...

That's cool! It really does look like a drawing now.