Monday, July 03, 2006

Art Walk 2006

For several years now, on the long July weekend, I have been setting up an art walk. Églantine has been out every year while others have come and gone. This year there were three of us that hiked back to a small waterfall near Tews Falls.

Below is a photo of the other artist, Sean, at work looking downstream.

Next are four small individual photos of parts of a large balance sculpture that I used to bridge the stream.

And finally, here are two artistic photos that Églantine took in the stream.


Pam in Tucson said...

Hope you had a Happy Canada Day. More Andy Goldsworthy! Wish I could see the whole of the balance structure. I love what you've done with the rocks - that takes a lot of skill in addition to a strong sense of composition. What a beautiful place for an art walk. I'm quite envious; we're holed up in the house seeking refuge from the heat and monsoon thunderstorms. I already miss Canada - although our local birds seem to be happy that we're home.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a creative day. Beautiful location as well.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Hi Pam, I tried to get the entire sculpture on one photo but was unsuccessful as the sculpture just blended in with the background. By the time we left the area, parts of the sculpture had already become unbalanced. My art is very temporary at times.

Thanks Bev! The location is very beautiful but still within 10 km of close to a half million people not one of whom came by in the three hours we were there.