Wednesday, August 03, 2005

To the Bat

To the Bat
I am sorry!
I apologize!

OK, its true,
for the last few evenings,
I have tried,
to capture a digital photo
of a bat flitting through
the sunset air.

The digital camera does not
do well with moving objects
in almost dark conditions.

Early this morning
I had a better chance;
however, I am not my best
at 1:00 a.m. when awoken
from a fairly sound sleep
to the sound of fluttering wings.
(Why do bats always end up
in the bedroom of the house
in the middle of the night
when there are other rooms
in which to fly?)
I did manage to find my way
to find the butterfly net in the hall.
But, in my still sleepy, groggy state,
I hit the bat with the wire frame
instead of capturing it in the net.
Poor bat!
It hit a chair and hung on
I collected it,
 in the net
from there
took it outside
on the porch,
released it and attempted
to get a photo.
Sorry, bat, for hitting you,
for taking such a poor photo.

But it's difficult at 1:00 in the morning
when one is tired
cannot see well through the view finder
to get a sharp photo.
Perhaps the fact that I was
stark naked under the porch light
also had something to do with
the poor photo?

Yes, the bat survived.
It did crawl
instead of flying,
off the porch
there was no sign of it
in this morning's light
and the cats and dog
were all safely locked
in the barn all night.


robin andrea said...

Oh that is such a fine story. At least the bat survived. I think that's exactly how things would proceed at our house, if a bat showed up in our bedroom at 1:00 in the morning. Lots of good intentions ending up as bats being batted around. Nice sunset in those photos. I see the bat. It's small and flitting by.

roger said...

i too cannot take a good photo while naked. nice try tho.

Rurality said...

Poor little bat. All he wanted to do was to come say "hi". :)

Anonymous said...

I was rather enjoying the 'Bat' font and arrows...

Ontario Wanderer said...

RD, Yes, a batted bat in spite of good intentions. We have had some great sunsets lately. Photos later perhaps.

DPR, It does subtract from one's attention to the subject at hand.

R, Perhaps it can rap at the window next time it wants to greet us?

T, It took a few minutes to find a good bat photo and attach it to the "t" but I am glad it worked for you too. I liked it.